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Foreign Health Insurance Price List

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Frequently Asked Questions

These insurance policies can be obtained using either a passport or a tax number. Additionally, individuals who wish to extend their stay have the option to purchase the insurance using their ID.

The start date of the Foreign Health Insurance must be the same as the Residence Application Registration date. In other words, the Residence start and end dates must be the same. If the Residence is Extension, the Residence end date must be the Policy start date.

Yes, it can be done. These date ranges vary according to insurance companies.

Yes, it can be done. These date ranges vary according to insurance companies.

Indeed, the coverage and limits for foreign health insurance are standardized across all insurance companies, ensuring consistency in the offered benefits and coverage levels.

Yes, it’s the same. Coverage and limits are standard in all insurance companies.

It is a type of insurance that is compulsory for foreign nationals who will reside in Turkey for at least 1 year.
With this insurance, foreigners who do not have Turkish citizenship can obtain a residence permit.

If a stamped/signed document is sent to the immigration authority stating that there is no need for insurance, in case of cancellation of residence permit, in case of an official document stamped/signed by the immigration authority, if the insured transfers to the SGK institution, and upon presentation of a document showing that they are included in the scope of SGK, the Foreigner Health Insurance is canceled.

Both types of Foreign Health Insurance can be made. These date ranges may vary according to insurance companies.

The scopes and limits of Foreign Health Insurance are regulated as standard in all insurance companies.

In case of a possible outage, you can contact the website support at any time of the night and they will send you the insurance file.

After filling the insured information form and paying the amount, it will be sent to your e-mail box as a PDF file within 5 minutes.

According to the 2017 Immigration Law, one of the documents that must be sent to the Residence Department is the health insurance of one of Turkey’s reputable insurance companies.

After filling the insured information form and paying the amount, it will be sent to your e-mail box as a PDF file within 5 minutes.

Yes, it is possible to purchase a two-year residential care insurance policy. Note that the second-year insurance policy is 50% more expensive than the first year because the second year is a waiting period.

Yes, if the residence office rejects your residence request, it is possible to cancel your insurance by receiving a letter from the residence office stating that the request has been rejected. For this, you send the documents to the support unit of our site and then the insurance policy amount will be refunded in case of cancellation.

Foreign nationals who intend to stay in Turkey can take out health insurance from Turkey. Persons between the ages of 1-65 can get health insurance from their residence. To purchase other health insurance in Turkey, they can apply for other health insurance such as private health insurance after obtaining a kimlik (residence card). For more information, you can contact the website support.

If the spouse of a Turkish citizen is a foreign national, the Turkish spouse’s SSI inquiry is made before the residence’s health insurance. If your spouse does not have SGK or you have SGK debt, the applicant must have health insurance.

Residence health insurance is compulsory for foreigners to obtain residence and is done with a passport. Private health insurance is optional and possible with an Identity (residence card) and also has more coverage than residential health insurance.

No, health insurance covers only the geographical region of Turkey.

Birth and pregnancy coverage is not provided within the scope of foreign health insurance.

No, it is not possible to change the overseas health insurance coverage and all companies provide it in the same and standard way.

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