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Explicit Consent Form

……………., following the information provided by the Company through the Disclosure Text within the scope of Personal Data Protection legislation, except for exceptional cases (such as those provided for by laws, the legal obligations of the data controller, or being necessary for the performance of the contract), we request your explicit consent regarding the processing and/or transfer of your personal data.

I hereby give my explicit consent for the processing of my personal data, including my identity card data and other personal data that may be of a special nature, by………………. within the framework of the sales and after-sales services provided; for the purpose of providing guidance on products and services, providing information about campaigns, conducting analyses for evaluating my satisfaction regarding the purchased products and other services, and contacting me in this regard; for contacting me regarding promotional, marketing, and campaign activities related to the aforementioned services and products through social media, search engines, email, text messages, etc.; and for transferring my data to digital marketing companies based in Turkey or abroad for the same purposes, and to companies providing products/services for the purpose of sending gifts to me on special occasions, within the scope of the aforementioned information.