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Satisfied Customer Testimonial

Nurer Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti

As part of the personal data protection law, after providing the information by the company with the transparency text, we request your explicit consent regarding the processing and/or transfer of your personal data within the scope, except for exceptional circumstances (e.g., legal obligation of the data controller or necessary for the performance of a contract) as we have informed you in accordance with the personal data protection law. We have a clear statement on the following matters within the scope of processing and/or transferring your personal data, except for exceptional circumstances (e.g., as required by law, legal obligation of the data controller, or necessary for the performance of a contract). We kindly request your consent.

Within the framework of sales and after-sales services provided by Anki Sigorta, I consent to the processing of my identification card information and other personal data, including my specific personal information. This includes providing guidance on products and services, providing information about campaigns, analyzing my satisfaction levels with purchased products and other services, and establishing communication with me in this regard. I also agree to engage in advertising, marketing, and campaigns for the aforementioned services and products through social media platforms, search engines, etc. This may include posts, letters, text messages, and other means of communication. I consent to the processing of the above-mentioned information within the scope of the aforementioned data in order to establish communication channels with me and transfer my data to domestic or international digital marketing companies. This is to send special gifts to me on specific days and transfer them to companies that provide products/services.