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One of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is having health insurance. Before filling out the residence permit application form, it’s important to purchase a health insurance policy and provide its information on the application form (RANDAVU form). Invest in your health and ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process!

Access to healthcare services is crucial for individuals residing abroad. Having health insurance coverage provides foreigners in Turkey with peace of mind, knowing they have access to necessary medical services throughout their stay. In case of unexpected illness or accidents, the insurance covers the costs of essential treatments, including hospitalization, surgery, and emergency services. Invest in your health today and enjoy a worry-free stay in Turkey!

Peace of mind is essential when living abroad. Having health insurance coverage in a foreign country provides individuals with a sense of security and comfort, knowing they can receive necessary medical treatment without worrying about the costs. With health insurance, you can enjoy your stay in Turkey with the assurance of comprehensive medical coverage and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re protected in case of unexpected medical situations.

Economic option: Although healthcare costs in Turkey are generally affordable, having private insurance can provide foreign citizens with further cost savings. Private foreign social security insurance is offered at a competitive price and provides comprehensive coverage for various medical services.

Permanent coverage: The health insurance coverage offered in residential health insurance policies is announced annually by the Central Insurance Union of Turkey and is consistent across all insurance companies providing residential health insurance services. This means that foreigners can receive the same level of coverage regardless of the insurance company they choose. With residential health insurance, you can enjoy permanent and comprehensive coverage for your medical needs, providing you with peace of mind throughout your stay in Turkey.

Please note that the information provided is for informational purposes only and aims to highlight the benefits of purchasing residential health insurance in Turkey.

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