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What is Studying – Internship Residence Permit

Adults over 18 years of age who will attend a higher education institution in Turkey or foreign nationals who will attend primary or secondary schools, even if their families do not reside in Turkey, may be eligible for a residence permit during their period of study.

To obtain a residence permit for studying, foreign nationals must first enroll in the relevant educational institution and apply, along with their registration certificates and documents, to the Turkish representation office in the country where they reside or hold citizenship. Following this, they must enter the country with a studying visa.

Once in Turkey, foreign nationals with a studying visa must apply to the relevant institution in the province of their residence during the validity term of their visa and request a residence permit be issued. A residence permit, valid during their period of study, will be granted to the applicant foreign nationals. It is important to follow the correct procedures and provide all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

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Are parents and other relatives of the foreign students that have a residence permit for students also eligible for a residence permit?

It is important to note that a student’s residence permit is granted solely for the purpose of their education and does not extend to their family members or relatives. Any family members or relatives who wish to stay in Turkey must apply for a residence permit separately and meet the relevant criteria. By following the correct procedures and meeting the requirements, they may be granted a residence permit and allowed to stay in Turkey for an extended period.

May foreign students that have a residence permit for students get a work permit?

Students who are enrolled in associate, bachelor’s, and doctor’s degree programmes in Turkey may be allowed to work, provided they obtain a work permit. However, the right to work for students enrolled in associate and bachelor’s degree programmes will only be granted after two years of study and cannot exceed 24 hours per week. The principles and procedures for employment of students enrolled in associate degree programmes will be defined separately.

It is important to note that obtaining a work permit is necessary for students who wish to work while studying in Turkey. The permit must be obtained in accordance with the relevant regulations and criteria, and students must comply with any restrictions or limitations placed on their employment. By following the correct procedures and obtaining the necessary permits, students may be able to work and support themselves financially while pursuing their education in Turkey.

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